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Kids at a Global Dental Relief clinic in Kenya

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GDR expanded to Kenya in 2013. Clinics are carried out in partnership with the Kikuyu Hospital Dental Clinic, built in 2006. This fully equipped, eight chair dental clinic is perched in the Karen Hills outside of Nairobi. Surrounded by picturesque acacia trees, the area offers respite from the congestion and hubbub of the capital city.

Throughout the clinic, volunteers live in a guesthouse on the grounds of the hospital compound.  A daily walk from the guesthouse to the dental clinic provides opportunity to take in the surrounding community, while passing local vendors and hundreds of uniform-clad children walking to school. Working alongside their Kenyan colleagues, volunteers serve hundreds of children from nearby schools. Evenings and time off are spent exploring the rich African culture and the beautiful environs of Karen.

Following each five-day clinic, volunteers have the option of participating in a three-night, four-day African safari in the renowned Maasai Mara National Park – a stirring landscape backdrop to an incredible abundance of wildlife.

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