Central America: Guatemala

Volunteers on a Global Dental Relief field dental dental clinic in Guatemala

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Town of San Martin 

In 2007, GDR decided to extend care to areas closer to home and began working with indigenous populations in the Mayan Highlands of Guatemala.

The San Martin  project begins and ends in Antigua, a UNESCO World heritage site and the ancient Spanish colonial capital of Central America. After a day learning about the intricate history and rich culture of this beautiful city and surrounding country, volunteers head out to the Mayan Highlands to begin work in the clinic.

After six days of fulfilling work and cultural  immersion in the village of San Martin, volunteers return to Antigua where they have the option of enjoying a weekend of activities and local shops and restaurants. Following the program, volunteers have the option of organizing an excursion to the majestic Mayan ruins of Tikal.

Ciudad Vieja

And in 2016 we extended our reach in Guatemala even further.  Working in partnership with the local community, we will set up a clinic in Ciudad Vieja, the 16th-century capital of colonial Central America. Volunteers will stay close by in a traditional Guatemalan boutique hotel in charming and historic Antigua. After a week-long clinic, participants will have two days to relax in a lush jungle eco-lodge on the banks of beautiful, world-renowned Lake Atitlan.

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