Volunteer Overseas

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Global Dental Relief brings quality dental care to underprivileged children around the word.  Groups of volunteer dental professionals as well as non-medically trained people of myriad backgrounds work together to deliver treatment and preventive care and education in clinics that serve children in schools, orphanages and remote villages.

Dental clinics are rich, demanding and rewarding. Volunteers work in field conditions which are basic yet completely hygienic and highly efficient. Dentists use portable dental units to provide exams, extractions and restorative care.  Hygienists offer oral hygiene education and first time cleaning for children. Essential to a successful clinic, non-dental volunteers manage the lines of patients, assist in record keeping, keep track of children and help with instruments and charting.

At the end of the clinic volunteers are universally moved by both a sense of service, and by how much their lives have been enriched by the children they’ve worked with  and the local population and culture they’ve grown to know.  Before heading home, all volunteers have the opportunity to continue to explore the region as group and partake in a variety of experiences unique to the area.

You don’t have to be a dentist to volunteer!