Why Dental Care for Children?

Bandipur Kids

Limited access to treatment – In many parts of the world, dentists are few and the cost of care is financially beyond reach.  For most of the children we treat, Global Dental Relief provides their first formal experience with a dentist.

A child with a healthy mouth is much more likely to have a healthy life.  And vice versa, research is clear that children with early dental disease are far more likely to develop other problems.  (Kate Paul, CEO Delta Dental.)

Imagine a child living in chronic pain.  Without volunteer dental care, children develop gum disease, bone loss, and infection leading to systemic problems.  They struggle with sleep, eating and school work.  They lose their teeth, smiles and self-esteem.

GDR dental volunteers bring critical oral health care and education to children – building smiles in faces across miles for years to come.  Working in teams of dental and non-dental professionals, volunteers from around the world provide exams, cleanings, fillings, fluoride treatments and extractions as needed while leaving every child with a tooth brush and teaching critical oral health care skills to children and the adults in their lives.