Register for a Trip

Submitting Your Application

Thanks for choosing to be part of a truly unique and wonderful experience helping children with first time dental care. Below is the list of application documents required to register for a project. The Application Checklist provides a complete list of the forms required to complete the process.

All application materials are re-writable PDF’s  – save each document to your desktop, fill out on your computer, then re-save and e-mail as attachments to

Alternatively, you can  print documents, complete by hand and mail to:

Global Dental Relief
4105 E. Florida Avenue, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80222

Be sure to include your $700 deposit – either by check or by authorizing a charge on your Visa or Mastercard. Feel free to contact our office any time with questions:  

1. Application Checklist

2. Volunteer Service Application

3. Release & Discharge Form

4. Supply Bag Questionnaire

5. Credit Card Authorization Form (if using a credit or debit card to pay your deposit)

After You Enroll

You will receive your acceptance packet within two weeks of submitting your application. Acceptance packets include information on obtaining a visa, flight options, vaccination recommendations and other details to guide you through the pre-departure process.

If we are not able to accept you on the project of your choice, you will receive a full refund of your deposit. Feel free to call (303) 858-8857 or e-mail us at at any time with questions.